About RRF

Over the last two years, our team of scientist, fitness enthusiast, extreme athletes and everyday hardworking folks have worked long hours, tried hundreds of ingredient variations and countless samples to create the most effective energy product on the market, and we have created just that…the best energy product available.*
Not only does it provide energy, but it also helps cut down on carbohydrate cravings by suppressing our appetite helping to knock off unwanted pounds and body fat as well.*Our extreme energy product Redneck Rocket Fuel is a blend of all natural ingredients that provides clean-stimulant energy, extremely effective appetite suppression benefits, mind-focusing and mood enhancing properties; which also has antioxidant benefits, helping our body to protect the cells and vital organs from free-radical damage.*

We went up to the mountains, through the hills and down some secluded country roads to ask some of our hard working, pick-up driving, moonshine drinking, all night partying cousins and some of their neighbors, if they felt sluggish and had a hard time getting motivated in the morning, if they needed extra energy to keep them going throughout their day, and they all answered, "YES!" They said, “We would love a product that would boost our energy levels throughout the day.” After trying one week worth of servings of our samples of our CamoCap™ of Redneck Rocket Fuel, they came back and said, “Wow! What a great product and where can we find more! We felt clean, stimulant, long lasting energy and it lasted all day!”